The Town Office is now open, however, we are still encouraging people to go online for as much as possible to do their transactions.

Hours will be as follows: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Wed Noon to 6:00 PM

Please call ahead to see what you need to bring, so that you have everything when you get here. If you see a long line you may want to come back at a later time.

Town Business

Job/Committee Openings:

Current application for all positions:



Currently accepting applications for: (updated 5/9/2023)

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Elections & Voting Information

Registrar of Voters:

Sara Morey

Deputy Registrar of Voters:

Lezley Jones

Ballot & Election Clerks:

Kathy Hamlin

Sandra Ouellette


Shawna Foye

Paggi Loveless

Lulu Luce

Tim Russell

Kathy Smith

Sharon Tilton


November 8th, 2022 General Election Results

Congress Dist 2 

Bruce Poliquin: 1332

Jared Golden: 1067

Tiffany Bond: 171

County Treasurer

Thomas Doore: 1818

District Attorney

Maeghan Maloney: 1833


Janet Mills: 1049

Paul Lepage: 1513

Sam Hunkler: 38

Register of Deeds 

Diane C. Wilson: 884

Matthew Boucher: 1621

Register of Probate 

Kathleen Ayers: 1831

State Representative Dist 61 

Amy Davidoff: 880

Richard Bradstreet: 1516

State Representative Dist 66

Alicia Barnes: 50

Robert Nutting: 104

State Senate Dist 15

Matthew Pouliot: 1742

Storme St. Valle: 814



Board of Selectmen Election for 2023

Selectmen - 3 Year Term

John Whitcomb

114 votes

23 blanks

4 Write-ins

- James Pinkham - 1 vote

- Wayne Bragg - 1 vote

- Jason Porter - 1 vote

- Robert Collins - 1 vote

Selectmen - 2 Year Term

Ronda Snyder

35 votes

Hope Boyce

89 votes

14 blanks

School Board:

12 Write-ins, Top 3 are:

- John Dewitt - 45 votes

- Chris Hanson - 16 votes

- Jim Isgro - 2 votes


Referendum Question Results from 2022:

 “Shall this municipality authorize the State to issue licenses for the sale of liquor to be consumed on the premises of licensed establishments on Sundays?”

Yes - 41

No - 30

Blank - 4

75 total votes cast.



RSU #18 Budget for FY 2021_2022: $4,758,885.43

RSU #18 Validation Referendum 2021: 47 YES, 23 NO (Town voting ONLY)

Question 1 of the Warrant and Notice of Election in the Town of Sidney, covering the Regional School Unit No. 18 Referendum held June 14, 2022 relating to the issuance of bonds or notes for minor capital project purposes by Regional School Unit No. 18 is as follows:

Yes: 239

No: 144

Blank: 7

Questions 1 and 2 of the Warrant and Notice of Election in Sidney for the Regional School Unit No. 18 Budget Validation Referedum held June 14, 2022 are as follows:

Question 1

Yes: 241

No: 144

Blank: 7

Question 2

Yes: 277

No: 96

Blank: 19

Statewide Election Results - 

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Bid Notices



 The Town of Sidney currently does not have any work out to bid. Please check back often or follow us on Facebook! 





The Town of Sidney reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and wave any or all formalities or to
accept the bid determined to be the most advantageous to the Town of Sidney. 
Only sealed written bids will be accepted.

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